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Be smart about your cosmetic treatments. Choose a CPCA qualified cosmetic practitioner.

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Your practitioner’s
qualifications mean a lot. Let’s be frank. 

There is no specific ‘qualification’ when it comes to cosmetic medical procedures. That’s because cosmetic medical procedures are not paid for by Medicare. To counter this, the CPCA set out, in its fledgling beginnings, to provide a place where doctors could learn, teach, research and practice cosmetic medicine with the primary goal of maintaining patient safety. A Fellow of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia is committed to Best Practice in cosmetic medicine, achieved through arduous study, training and mentorship.

WE DON’T ‘SELL’ procedures CPCA doctors are not sales-persons. Cheap deals, pay-later schemes, high-pressure sales teams and commission-only representatives are not part of the CPCA ethos. If it were refrigerators, cars or carpets, it would be different. But this time it’s your face, your body. It’s relatively simple. We’re doctors. We look after patients. We don’t sell to ‘clients’.

RECOGNISED AS EXPERTS Many of our doctors are regular speakers at acclaimed conferences, both in Australia and overseas. State Government Health Ministries, Medical Defence Organisations, and the popular press regularly turn to the CPCA for comment, advice and submissions on issues regarding cosmetic medical procedures in Australia. Research in conjunction with University Faculties and participation in clinical trials are all part of the College’s commitment to Best Practice in cosmetic medicine.

PROFESSIONAL COMMITMENT Continuous professional development (CPD) is an essential component for each and every CPCA doctor. This commitment involves providing evidence of attendance to technology updates, professional meetings and conferences, general medical knowledge, advanced first aid, management of complications and contributing to advancing the knowledge of others.

TIGHTER REGULATIONS The powers of self-regulation within the College to maintain the highest quality of care in cosmetic medicine is a fundamental principle. But these standards are not necessarily shared by every health practitioner beyond the borders of the CPCA’s jurisdiction. The CPCA believes that patient safety is paramount, whoever performs the procedures in cosmetic medicine. To be any type of patient, that patient is vulnerable to exploitation. The CPCA, through State Health Departments, Health Ministers, and many other regulatory bodies, will continue to provide assistance to raise regulatory standards to the highest possible level in cosmetic medicine.

Dr Ron Louis and Andrea Louis at Skin Doctor SA have decades of experience in cosmetic injectables. Dr Ron Louis is a member of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia. To book your appointment phone 08 8449 2002 or email reception@skindoctorsa.com.au

For more information on The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia visit https://cpca.net.au/

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