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Our best tips on keeping skin supple, young and fresh for longer

It’s no surprise by now that as we age our skin loses that young, fresh glow. If you want to stop the appearance of ageing in its tracks, follow our best tips to keeping your skin looking younger for longer.

  • Drink more water

You’ve probably heard this one before but there is a reason we keep saying it! When your skin is properly hydrated, it remains elastic and supple giving off a healthier and more vibrant glow which reduces the visibility of wrinkles and other skin issues.

  • Eat antioxidants

As we age, our body is increasingly attacked by unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals. Stress, pollution and over exposure to the sun all contribute to this problem. This attack can be harmful to your skin as it causes cell irregularities which can be expressed as discolouration. Antioxidants found in fresh fruits, vegetables and green tea help to neutralise the destructive molecules and reduce damage to skin cells.

  • Get enough sleep

Your skin regenerates fastest while you are sleeping so skipping or reducing your sleep time might not be your best idea. We recommend moisturising skin before you sleep to take advantage of this time and keep skin hydrated and soft.

  • Remove dead skin

Older skin has a slower renewal process, or turnover, compared to younger skin. The production of new cells in the basal layer of the epidermis slows down with resultant accumulation of old dry, dead cells on the surface of the skin. This causes the surface texture to become dull, dry, uneven, or scaly.

Exfoliation, microdermabrasion, or peels help to remove these dead cells, but unfortunately the results are short-lived, as old dry dead cells continue to accumulate.

  • Use rejuvenating and repair creams which have a proven scientific mechanism of action

There are creams available which, on a daily basis, cause the skin to repair and rejuvenate by stimulating the proliferation of new cells in the basal layer, with resultant skin cell turnover. Old dry cells are continuously being pushed off the surface, replaced by new cells, so the skin surface looks more smooth and radiant.

The constant build-up of new cells in the skin also results in a thicker epidermal and dermis, helping to reduce and prevent wrinkling. The most effective of these creams are available only on prescription.

  • Turn down the heat

As we head out of summer and into the cooler months, it’s always tempting to increase the heat in our showers and put the heater on in our homes and offices, but these habits can be detrimental to your skin. Hot water and a prolonged shower time strip back your skin’s natural oils making skin dry, flaky and more prone to wrinkle. We recommend using a humidifier in rooms with heating to reduce the harshness of the hot, dry air.

  • Anti-wrinkle treatments or dermal fillers

Collagen is a natural and essential structural component of skin. It makes up approximately 75 percent of your skin structure. Children have the highest level of collagen which is why their skin is so soft and their hair is so shiny. The ageing process causes collagen depletion from the age of 25, and by 40, collagen can be depleted by as much as a third. This depletion is one of the leading causes of sagging, lined skin and can contribute to joint pain too. Depending on your individual situation you may consider undergoing anti-wrinkle treatments. Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are designed to temporarily treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle injections target the muscles below the skin, relaxing them and, in turn, causing skin to smooth out. Dermal fillers target the skin’s layer, adding volume to sagging areas and smoothing out lines and wrinkles.

Younger looking skin with Skin Doctor SA

If you would like more information on how to keep your skin looking younger for longer, or would like to have a skin consultation, contact the friendly team at Skin Doctor SA today.

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