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Is Dermapen the only skin needling treatment available?

Want to improve the appearance of your skin but unsure if skin needling is the right treatment for you?

The cosmetic market is saturated with options claiming to improve the look and feel of your skin. From over-the-counter creams, to the treatments available in skin clinics and cosmetic surgeries, it can be hard to know what the right treatment is for you.

At Skin Doctor SA we offer a range of skin rejuvenation treatments such as Dermapen and radiofrequency skin needling.

Skin needling treatment: Dermapen v radiofrequency

Skin needling, and more specifically Dermapen, has become a very popular treatment option to revitalise and rejuvenate skin. But is it the best option for you?

Dermapen is one of many innovations in skin needling technology, and can produce quite good results. This advanced piece of technology is suitable for delicate areas of skin around the lips, eyes and on the nose.

Many people have chosen to go with the Dermapen because of the hype and mass media publicity. While Dermapen does work, and can achieve skin rejuvenation—it’s not the only option available to you.

Radiofrequency skin needling

Radiofrequency skin needling is a non-surgical option which not only repairs your skin, but also adds the cosmetic benefits of laser skin resurfacing. Radiofrequency skin needling reduces pore size and wrinkles as well as treating acne scars.  It adds an extra dimension of technology to the skin surface.  As with Dermapen, tiny needles penetrate the outer layer (epidermis) into the deeper layer (dermis) but on penetration the needles emit a strong pulse of radiofrequency energy.  This heats up the dermis, which is followed by refashioning and generation of collagen which thickens the skin, helping to fill in wrinkles, large pores and acne scars.

Rejuvenating, tightening, lifting your skin

With so many options available to you, and each option having its own benefits, it can be hard to know what will work for your skin type and condition.

This is one of the reasons the team at Skin Doctor SA have put together a radiofrequency skin needling guide to provide you with more information so you can make a more targeted decision.

Download our skin needling guide here.

The right treatment for your skin

At Skin Doctor SA, we have had many patients enquire about Dermapen because it’s a brand name they are familiar with. What we have found—after a consultation—is that many of these patients would be better off with radiofrequency skin needling. The technology is more advanced and more effective.

How Skin Doctor SA can help you rejuvenate and revitalise your skin

Skin Doctor SA offers a broad selection of cosmetic and skin treatments from our clinic in Adelaide. Our aim is to provide you with the treatment options to help give you healthy-looking, vibrant skin.

To find out more about radiofrequency skin needling, download the guide or contact us to request a consultation.

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