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Did you know research shows ‘selfies’ distort facial Images by 30%?

The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA) sees the trivialisation of cosmetic procedures as a growing trend – and its members are concerned.

The CPCA is seeing more and more patients who are exhibiting a distorted sense of self, with unrealistic expectations when it comes to cosmetic enhancement results – and research shows this has potentially harmful effects, both physically and psychologically.

So CPCA members are taking action.

The Get Real Campaign by the CPCA prioritises public education and the provision of accurate information about cosmetic medicine – especially the importance of seeking appropriate professional medical advice to make informed decisions in consultation with trained doctors who maintain highest ethical standards.It is about engaging with a cosmetic physician who will help you focus on looking better, not different, and most importantly maintain realistic outcomes by always putting patient safety first.

Remember, all medical procedures have Real risks. So if things should ever get complicated, and they occasionally do, it makes sense to be with the Real experts.

Dr Ron Louis and Andrea Louis at Skin Doctor SA have decades of experience in cosmetic injectables. Dr Ron Louis is a member of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia. To book your appointment phone 08 8449 2002 or email reception@skindoctorsa.com.au

For more information on The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia visit https://cpca.net.au/

Dr Ron Louis – Member of CPCA

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