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Pre & Post Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Care

Considering Anti-Wrinkle Injections but unsure of what to expect? At Skin Doctor SA we break down what to expect, how to best prepare before your appointment, post-treatment care and side effects.

Treatment Involves

When frown lines are treated, three to five small injections with a very fine needle are given.  The treated frown muscles weaken over the following two weeks and it becomes increasingly difficult to frown.  Non-injected muscles of the face remain unaffected.

The effects of treatment is not seen until 4 days after injecting and treatment is at its peak effectiveness two weeks after injecting. Over 3 to 6 months (or 6 to 12 months for excessive underarm sweating) the effect of the treatment is gradually and naturally reversed by the body.

Pre-treatment Care

  • Taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications or fish oil prior to injections increases the risk of bruising

Post-treatment Care

  • Please exercise general caution as apply after any injections such as avoiding rubbing the site, keeping the site clean, etc.
  • To enhance effectiveness of treatment by encouraging take up of the toxin by the muscle injected, please exercise the muscle(s) five times every five minutes for the first hour.
  • Please exercise sun-safe precautions.

Side Effects

Doses administered are very small, therefore  side-effects are uncommon. However:

  • some people have a slight headache after treatment for several hours; it is safe to take analgesics to relieve this. Very long lasting headaches have rarely been reported.
  • Sometimes a small bruise occurs at the sight of injection.


  • If you are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant or breast-feeding this treatment should not be administered
  • if you have a neurological conditions, such as motor neurone disease or myasthenia gravis, the treatment is not advised

Caution is necessary for patients on the following medications:

  • amino glycoside antibiotics (may increase effect of this treatment)
  • chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine (may reduce effect)
  • blood thinning agents, e.g. Warfarin, aspirin, fish oil (may result in bruising)

Please advise Skin Doctor SA clinicians if any of these contraindications apply prior to undergoing treatment. To book an appointment call 08 8449 2008 or Follow us @ facebook  or @ instagram for the latest updates.

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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment


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