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These photos illustrate the two elements of acne which both need addressing, for successful treatment.

  1. Formation of plugs and blackheads which form in the neck of the skin sebaceous glands and obstruct them, causing the oily glands to fill up resulting in the typical pink lumps of acne.
  1. Pustules or pimples. Even though they often have pussy heads, this is not due to infection, but is due to inflammation caused by the blocked glands rupturing into the skin tissue (dermis)

Both elements need to be addressed, using pharmacologically active treatments with sound scientific principles. Visit Skin Doctor SA for professional medical assessment of your acne (and scars) and for effective treatment and sound advice.

Acne consultations are available 9AM-2.45PM weekdays with Dr.Ron Louis

Dr Ron Louis is a very experienced long standing member of CPCA.


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