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Bulk Lesions Adelaide

Feel comfortable in your skin by having bulk lesions removed at Skin Doctor SA in Semaphore

Many of us want to look younger and have beautiful skin. Sometimes however, unsightly moles, skin tags or other raised lesions are the features that may be holding you back from feeling that way.

Seborrheic keratoses - senile warts

Seborrheic keratoses, sometimes referred to senile warts, are very common and in contrast to solar keratoses are not related to sun exposure. Seborrheic keratoses appear as varying shades of brown, waxy, rough raised lesions. They occur commonly in areas not exposed to the sun. Seborrheic Keratoses occur spontaneously and their occurrence is related to a genetics. Both Solar and Seborrheic Keratoses respond well to treatment. However, caution should be exercised to exclude other conditions, especially skin cancer.

Seborrheic keratoses are easily removed with Laser or Radiowave treatment.


Skin tags

Skin tags are as their name implies abnormal growths of skin ranging in size from a pin-head through to that of a small pea. When small they are often only a stem, but when large they can form a pedunculated (round) lump on a stalk. Skin tags occur most commonly on the neck, chest and face, particularly around the eyes. Skin tags are most common in women and can be extremely distressing especially when numerous. Skin tags respond well to treatment with either lasers or Radiowave removal.

Cosmetic mole removal

Learn more about cosmetic mole removal by clicking here.

Our medical team will provide a throughout assessment of any bulk lesions you may have and tailor a treatment plan that is individually suited to you.

Bulk Lesions Adelaide

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