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Where can I park when I visit Skin Doctor SA?

Our patients convenience is our priority at Skin Doctor SA. When you visit us you can enjoy free parking located at the back of our practice on Custom Lane. We are located at 15 Semaphore Road, Semaphore, adjacent to the Semaphore Hotel. Click here for a 3D view

Are the team at Skin Doctor SA trained doctors?

Ron is a medical practitioner with over 28 years of experience in dermatology, skin treatments, skin cancer and general medicine.  Andrea is a registered nurse who has had many years of experience in cosmetic skin treatments and aesthetic  injections. Learn more here.

Will I know how much my treatment will cost before I have it?

The cost of your treatment will always be discussed with you before you receive your procedure. At Skin Doctor SA we will discuss every step of the treatment process with you to ensure you can make a fully informed decision.

How can I get rid of acne scars?

A range of treatments. are available for improving acne scaring. We have found that the most effective treatment is a amalgamation of micro-needling and prescription-strength creams which thicken the skin and reduce the uneven surface texture.

Learn more here.

How can I rejuvenate sun-damaged skin?

Skin Doctor SA offers Adelaide’s widest range of treatments for ageing and sun damaged skin in it’s many manifestations. Each clients situation is unique, and may involve several coexisting problems. For example scaly, dry, dull surface, wrinkles, pigmentation, numerous types of “age spots”. Click here to see the range of treatments offered.

Are you experienced in providing skin cancer assessments?

Yes. Dr Ron Louis has had over 28 years of experience with skin cancer and is an associate member of the Skin Cancer College of Australia. He is also able to provide both surgical and non-surgical treatment of skin cancers.

As the early changes of skin cancers are often subtle, accurate diagnosis requires years of experience examining skin lesions.

Learn more here.

Can Skin Doctor SA correct the appearance of wrinkles?

At Skin Doctor SA we provide a range of treatments for wrinkles. There are numerous factors constituting to the formation of wrinkles, and to get the best results, treatments need to address the specific underlying cause or causes in each client’s situation. Make an appointment for an assessment to discuss the best options for you by contacting us.

How do you remove moles?

Firstly, the moles need to be assessed by Dr Ron Louis to ensure they are benign, and safe to remove.

Small or flat moles are best removed with Laser treatment, while raised or “fleshy” moles are removed with Radiowave Electrodes. Both techniques can give an excellence cosmetic result, with no incision or suturing required.

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