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Skin Repair and Rejuvenation

Is your skin looking tired, dull wrinkled or sun damaged? In need of rejuvenation and repair? These photos demonstrate the common features of sun damaged and ageing skin.

  • Dry, dull, rough surface and texture
  • Uneven pigmentation (dyschromia)
  • Fine surface wrinkling

The underlying mechanism of this deterioration is the slowing down of skin cell production and turnover in the epidermis and dermis.

The majority of commonly topical treatments ignore this fact and are aimed at removing only dry surface cells.

  • dermabrasion
  • skin peels
  • scrubs and exfoliating lotions
  • facials

While these treatments do produce a smoother skin surface, the benefits are short lived as old dead cells re-accumulate, necessitating repeat treatments, which can be costly. However, there is an inexpensive very effective way to reverse the changes of sun damage and ageing with benefits that are sustainable and on going.

AHA Cream available at SKIN DOCTOR SA

Alpha-hydroxy acids and retinoid creams , if formulated at sufficient strengths produce lasting benefits by causing the epidermal cells to proliferate and turnover much more rapidly. This results in the constant movement of new cells towards the surface, continually pushing off the dry and dead surface cells.

The skin becomes smoother and fresher looking but also importantly leads to thickening of the skin due to the build up the new cells, reducing wrinkling.

To be effective these creams need to be of prescription strength. Skin Doctor SA has its own custom made prescription strength creams, which have proved to be very effective and popular.

Break out of the endless cycle of trying new expensive and often ineffective creams, lotions, scrubs facials and other treatments.

Make an appointment to discuss our creams and their effectiveness with our Doctor Ron Louis. Doctor Louis has decades of experience in skin repair and rejuvenation and is a longstanding member of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia.


This could be the breakthrough you have been looking for!

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